Academic advising focuses on helping students to develop and follow an appropriate plan for fulfilling degree requirements. 

This process includes understanding degree requirements and university academic and academic support policies and procedures.  Effective academic advising promotes student self-efficacy, informed and proactive decision-making, and academically focused behaviors that result in timely degree completion.

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Finding an Academic Advisor

Students enrolled in all undergraduate schools and colleges are assigned advisors to assist them in planning and following a given educational program of study.

An advisor’s assistance is invaluable in helping students define a given program of study or career goal.

If you have declared a major, see the advisory/registration information and the name of the advisor below.

If your major is undecided, visit the Advisory Center, Office of Student Services, or Dean’s Office in your school or college for a consultation.

The adviser’s signature is required on all registration cards, change of program forms and related academic forms.


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