The American Studies Resource Center has an extensive commitment to research by its faculty. The Center currently houses three major faculty research projects – Lucy Digg Slowe Project, a digital archive related to the global black experience, the Penn Program on Race, Science, and Society which focuses on interdisciplinary approaches to the role of race in scientific research, and the Marginalized Populations Project, a collaborative research initiative designed to explore political dynamics between populations with unequal, minimal or non-existent state protections and national governments.

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AAS Resource Center Intern

In common with many other African American Studies Departments throughout the nation, the Department is served by an African American Studies Resource Center. The Center houses one of the premier collections of literary and social science publications on the black experience in America. In addition to supporting the departmental curriculum, the Center is a highly accessible resource for students in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Howard University community in general. AAS Resource Center Intern students will archive one of the special collections.

Africana Media & Film Studies Project

The Africana Media & Film Studies Project is a digital archive of still images, video, and audio related to the global black experience. The collection contains items from the Americas, the Carribean, and Africa. AMFS interns will transcibe and convert items into a digital format.

Data Pollution and AI Bias

Data Pollution and AI Bias project exams the impact of data quality in Black and Brown communities. Contact Dr. Amy Yeboah Quarkume for more details